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(Written on 01/03/2023, but dated earlier to fit the chronological order of projects)

The Origin

quiznomer website In the words of my friend Jeremy,

The first website we ever made: a knock-off buzzfeed quizzes website. Hosting quizzes like 'What Disney Princess are You?' while returning only Ratatouille rats, or 'How Much Are You Worth (in Kidneys)?' Sadly, a database error removed this from existence.

Quiznomer holds a special place in my heart. It was rough, it was janky, it was made in Wordpress, and neither Jeremy nor I knew what we were doing. We could code in Java and C#, but knew nothing about websites and servers and the like.

I see this project as how I got my start in web development, and really, technical work in general.

Plus, the database got corrupted and we lost all the quizzes, which is kind of funny but mostly sad.

What was in this thing?

While the original Quiznomer is gone, the main page was archived at archive.org, so you can still sort of see it.

Closing thoughts

sad walnut

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