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(Written on 01/05/2023, but dated earlier to fit the chronological order of projects)


My friend had an idea to make longboards in his garage. I joined him in this project since I liked making things. Neither of us knew how to ride a longboard, but we had the internet and we had the woodworking tools.

Since making these though, I've become an avid longboarder, and it's been a primary form of travel for me around university and in general.

We made about 5 different longboards, and sold a few to some other friends.

The Process

longboard press cad longboard press real blank board longboard

The gist of building a longboard from scratch goes something like this:

  1. Acquire wood
    • We used 1/8 inch baltic birch plywood
  2. Cut wood into longboard-sized sheets
  3. Glue sheets together, alternating the wood grain (for strength)
  4. Dry the glue and wood sheet stack while applying pressure to it
    • This gives the longboard deck its "bend"
    • You will want to make a contraption to hold the sheets in the right shape while it dries--a longboard press (see above)
  5. Once dry, cut and shape the pressed wood into a longboard looking shape
  6. Sand all the surfaces smooth
  7. Paint the back of the deck as you see fit and dry
  8. Drill the holes for the trucks/wheels
  9. Apply 3-4 coats of polyurethane to the whole board and dry
    • This will ensure durability and waterproofing
  10. Apply the grip tape to the top of the board
  11. Mount the trucks
  12. You are done!
drying setup drying setup2 painting 1 painting 2

Closing thoughts

modern day board

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