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(Written on 01/04/2023, but dated earlier to fit the chronological order of projects)

This was a long hackathon

This project was part of the Theta Q1 2021 Hackathon hosted by the Theta Network, and the hackathon lasted about 4 months. We won 1st place at this hackathon.

In summary,

The fruits of our labor can be seen in the video below.

We also have a detailed writeup on Devpost, where the hackathon was hosted.

Why did we do it?

Jeremy and I were looking for a project to challenge ourselves on, and "the blockchain" happened to be picking up a lot of traction during this time. We didn't know a single thing about it, so we just dove right in.

As we came up with an idea and started working on it, it slowly grew into the idea of an actual platform and business. We gathered some of our friends to join us on this endeavour, and we tried to make something out of it.

Ultimately, the server costs behind running a streaming platform are very expensive, while the income avenues are few and far between. And with no userbase or traction, we decided to end the project and company.

What did we achieve?

Despite not having commercial success, we got quite far with what we built.

We even got some awards!

Closing thoughts

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