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Star Jar

A gift I made for someone, using origami paper strips.

jar spill
8 star types

I had 8 different patterns of star paper, and I tried to fold an even amount of each (I ended up being a little bit off). The counts, from top left to bottom right in the picture of eight stars: 25, 24, 24, 24, 23, 24, 25, 24.

In total, I folded 193 stars in order to fill up the jar. Each star took about 2 minutes to fold, totaling up to about 386 minutes or 6.43 hours spent folding stars to make this gift.

Not all my folding was perfect. Of the 193 stars, 3 stars didn't puff up quite right, meaning I had a folding flop rate of 3/193, or 1.55%.

I really enjoyed making this. Slowly folding little paper stars is relaxing and sort of meditative. Plus, I've been meaning to fill up a jar with stars ever since I learned how to fold paper stars many, many years ago.


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